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MDCF, a UK based charity, has dedicated it's efforts to support the Charitable Hospital, Kheda, Gujarat, India.

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2018 - MRI Appeal (please do help us)

Dear Supporters 

This year our Patron's appeal is to deliver a MRI scanner (500K GBP). The MRI will mean Women and Chikdren will no longer have to travel for hours and have great expense. MRI is now a standard of care for Head/Brain issues as well as many cancers. Please do support us as the rest of the hospital is running smoothly helping thousands of patients internally, plus our outreach programme of medical camps; education camps; school camps and so much more. Our operating services are delivering basic surgical care, and our resident medical team are adequately dealing with all emergencies and elective work. 

PleASE DO HELP - SEE Donate page for donations. best Hiten 



This year we have successfully added a more sustainable outreach programme running medical camps every Thursday with our local villages. Offering people free consultation and basic medicines has proved a success in building trust. These camps have led to more patients access their healthcare within our charitable trust.

As of September, we have an interventional cardiologist offering care within our hospital. Dr Piyush is USA trained so a great asset for us.

Our recent needs audit revealed that we are turning away multiple patients needing MRI scans. As we have ultrasound, CT and digital XRay, we have begun the process to set up an MRI 500K appeal.

We are delighted to get the support of a number of key people, which we will shortly announce. Work will commence on building the specialised room to house this latest and needed tool.



We are now offering medical relief to all patients. To help us we have asked our donors to sign up to a monthly standing order via our website. From 5 to 500 pounds a month, we will be better place to plan the quarterly targets of delivering healthcare at the frotline, but also improve our health education footprint.


A new year brings new challenges!! We wanted the thank all the people who continue to support MDCF. The hospital contiues to thrive. We were invite to the Global giving charity which acknowledges our cause, and the quality with which we deliver our aims. We have many new objectives this year, but continue to drive processes for sustainability. Our health care quality team is now looking to use hospital management software which allows even greater audit of the day-to-day workings, both financial and clinical. 

We are looking for further support this year with the purchase of an MRI scanner (500,000GBP), so please do contact us with ideas on raising the finance - or perhaps Siemens or Phillips or GE feel like donating a machine for our neediest people.


Best wishes

Prof Hiten Patel



Dear Friends,

the hospital goes from strength to strength. We are opening an intensive care facility and operating suites. The staff have been working hard with our supporters to delivery ISO 9001 which is an international industry benchmark. We are one of only 7 hospitals to have achieved this, and the first NGO. We are now looking to the next round of raising awareness for health prevention, so I hope you will continue to support us with your generous standing orders and project donations. bw Dr Hiten


I am pleased to inform you that one of the UKs most high profile lawyer, Dr Leslie Thomas QC has agreed to be our legal advisor. 

Feb 2012

2 years have flown since the official opening of the charitable hospital and I wish to thank the local hospital team and all our supporters for making this project a great success. Over 25,000 patients seen plus an expansion in our services including fulltime dentistry, physiotherapy, administration, and in patient facilities. We have pathological services daily and senior medical staff supporting this rural project. The current project is sustainable due to our shrewd business plan, which will allow the next phase in developement of the Women and Children centre; ICU & operating rooms; and further doctors quarters. Dr Hiten now travels to India 3-4 weekly to oversee the continued developments. This is reassuring as MDCF is a 100% donation charity so every penny is used for the project by Dr Hiten and none is wasted in middle agents. In fact, these regular trips have improved project partners from local indian businesses to international acclaimed hospitals.

March/April will be an important time for fundraising for the next developments as companies have committed monies to our project. Thank you Infosys and the other groups committing to this great health education, prevention and care institution.

Jan 2012

Happy New Year to all of our supporters and friends. I have just got off the plane after an excellent trip to our Hospital project in India. We ran a successful eye camp including surgeries plus a general medical camp. We treated 200 patients successfully. The local trust will now run parallel camps once every 6-8 weeks. Excitingly, I received a donation of 125,000 pounds or 10 Million Rupees on Sunday 29th January 2012 to start the land purchase for the Women's and Children centre plus build an ICU/Recovery area with 2 brand new operating rooms. It was truly the best moment on this fantastic journery for the hospital project. This funding will help drive the phased development.

MDCF has also made an application to become a R and D Institute so send us your positive thoughts for this to be a success. If we secure this, we can formalise the health and related research which will further our underlying aim to improve standards.

In other news I am delighted to welcome another high flying women on board in our quest to deliver the Women and Children Centre. Anjli M Patel, LLB began her professional life as a lawyer working in the City (of London) and focused on advising banks,  corporates  and other organisations on a range of financing transactions. For the last 10 years (since 2002), she has been with Norton Rose, a leading international legal practice, as an internal learning and development professional. She will bring us expertise in the health risk management focus. Anjli recently visited the project in India to get a real understanding of what MDCF is trying to contirbute from the education-in-health area. Welcome Anjli.

Finally, we were very fortunate to have Roland Britton write and produce MDCF's appeal video for 2012 (of course Women and Children). His BBC voice has been a hit with Donors, so thank you Roland for the great piece you wrote and performed. The video will shortly be uploaded to the site.

Dec 2011

First cataract eye surgery performed by our in reach team. This was a momentous day. Coupled with this the full time dental and oral health services have been running well. Our camp this month diagnosed and treated over 250 patients in a day. I landed late due to a delay in Mumbai, so we did not finish until midnight! The patients had come from as far as 300 miles.

We had a review with the local charity about the next developments, and I am proud to announce that the in patient services will expand into separate areas for men, women and children as per international standards. This fit in with our funding drive for a dedicated area for women and children. We are still looking for the 140K GBP to start this exciting development.

In other news, the University Hospital of North Norway has donated a sizeable amount of equipment to the project including laparscopic surgical equipment which will allow us to perform "keyhole" surgery. This is very important as the patient who are mainly labourers can get back to working and providing for their families very quickly. Thank you to the Norwegian for reaching out.

Nov 2011

Mrs Pragati N Patel, LLB (UK) has agreed to be MDCF's legal mind and Chair our Working group for funding the Baby Unit. This will bring our fledging services for obstetrics upto  international standards. Good luck Pragati and thank you for coming on board.

Meanwhile, one of our Patron's Dr Siobhan Martin gave MDCF a name check at the European Professional Womens Network meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. Siobhan's lecture on recession or renaissance was such a hit it made it to the Portugal Financial Times.

Sept/Oct 2011

MDCF now runs a medical camp every 8 to 12 weeks at the hospital. Oct 6th saw 300 patients for a variety of disorders. The education and treatments provided will hopefully sustain a decrease in health risk.

In other news we have hired a General Surgeon, Dr Anish Nagpal, MS to further develop the surgical profile. We are currently discussing funding for a laparoscopic or keyhole unit. This type of surgery will improve the recovery time of patients so they can get back to work faster.

Fundraising has also started for a baby care area to complement existing services in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

If anyone can help with the above let us know.

Finally, we had an MDCF function on Oct 9th which attracted 274 people. Pledges were made and our justgiving site was active. We are still in pursuit of the Women's and Children centre funding so this has helped.

June 2011

It is with great happiness that we can reveal that Mr Bipin Parekh, CEO Mumbai Junction, UK has agreed a private-charity partnership. His company has agreed to nominate MDCF as their socially responsible forum. This will mean 7000 clients will receive monthly bulletins about his work and MDCF's. Also, he has agreed to promote a £1.00 donation per invoice to MDCF. Lets hope Bipin doubles his invoicing!!

In a similar deal, SPK Health Managing Director and Patron of MDCF Mr Chandarana has been nominating MDCF as the socially reponsible vehicle in a number of emerging and developed countries.

Heartfelt Thank you to both.

May 2011

MDCF will be running a Medical Camp for cancer afflicted patients. A team of local and national specialists hope to help patients with education and treatments. While the camp is running MDCF will launch educational materials while the families of the patients are all fed. This combination appraoch will be reviewed over the coming months to assess the impact on health awareness and health prevention.

MDCF would like to thank Dr Aalok Shukla ( for designing and producing our latest literature for the on going Women and Children's appeal. Thank you for your kindness Aalok.

Dr Hiten Patel (Chairman, MDCF) has been officially made Medical Director of the Indian Hospital project and in his tireless manner has also agreed to be Medical Director of a London Homeless shelter named Shelter from the Storm ( This shelter is underatking great work within the London Community and is offering sustainable solutions for the unfortunate. Well done to them and MDCF.

March 2011

Mr Jonathan Webber, Director International Brands AMASTAR associates LLP has generously agreed to be part of the brand team at MDCF. After a delightful meeting in London, Jonathan said "I am fully on board". MDCF would like to thank Jonathan for this selfless action. Welcome on board Jonathan and we look forward to learning from you.

In other news, the hospital in India has taken on Child Psychology services, which is thought to be one of the most under represented specialities in India. It seems most things to do with children's care are slow to progress. MDCF is committing a lot of effort to improve things for children and women (donate).

February 2011 - Medical Camp

An anglo-Indian medical camp took place on Valentine's Day (Feb 14th 2011). We saw over 2000 patients over a 8 day period. Our in house hospital team were joined by a number of visiting volunteers from doctors to well wishers. We raised further awareness of the Women and Children groups who are particularly vulnerable. We are currently raising funds to develop a specialist centre for this group (donate).

In other news, Janet Thomas from Citigroup has agreed to join our fundraising Patronage. Welcome to Janet who is a high flying professional within the Citigroup bank. Janet will bring a new dimension to MDCF as we move forward with our ambitious project.

November 2010 - Raising Awareness

A. MDCF has partnered with the exclusive and renowned Zayani restaurant to hold a fundraiser for the Women and Childrens Health Centre, within the Hospital in India. We will have a Champagne Reception, Dinner and Auction plus Live Entertainment. Tickets can be obtained from Monica or Venita. There will be limited availability so put your name down early and speak to our events team. Remember, every penny donated will be used for the centre so if you would like to come and also donate a prize, let us know.

B. Patrons: we are delighted to welcome Dr Louise Pack as our associate Medical Director. Dr Pack is a Consultant Physician in the UK with a special interest in education. We will be taking advice from Dr Pack on the clinical services development at the charity hospital. We look forward to working with Louise. We also welcome Dr Siobhan Martin as patron. SIobhan has a vast experience in HR and will be advising on manpower issues in foreign NGOs.

C. Web: Mr Danny Bull ( has provided MDCF with the full might of his company to deliver a fresh look this month. Danny and his team should be thanked for their tireless efforts and have transformed our site within 2 weeks. Thanks Digi Nut.

September 2010

We thank you for supporting our TB and Super speciality hospital in Kheda, India with the recent CT scanner appeal. The purchase of this Siemens Scanner allowed the hospital to open in February 2010. We have undertaken a medical camp in July 2010 seeing over 1000 patients for free, including feeding them and their families. Our next step was to raise further funds to build an operating room which was successfully inaugurated in July 2010.

Currently we have turned our attention to Ear Nose and Throat plus Eyes. In India this is a common problem causing untold loss of earning for the poorest people. Our next target for these developments will be to raise approximately 70K GBP.

We have emphasised the need to provide a sustainable healthcare facility, but also work with local partners to allow healthcare provision growth. It is not sufficient to continue projects such as these without having a structured business model, and thus MDCF has provided this to our on site local charity (shree meladi maa super speciality hospital).

June 2010

Chairman, Dr Hiten Patel leaves his high profile & full time job at UCLH to spend more time helping MDCF.

A state of the art operating room funded by MDCF was inaugurated and the local trust ran a successful medical camp treating over 1000 people. All the patients were registered with the hospital and fed free of charge.

It was evident at this camp that oral cancer and dental problems were rife. Mouth cancer is a killer which can be detected early and often treated. We have involved the Anglo-Asian Dental Association with advice for this project. We are close to securing the funding for this part of our project (45K GBP).