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MDCF, a UK based charity, has dedicated it's efforts to support the Charitable Hospital, Kheda, Gujarat, India.


The Hospital

MDCF a UK based charity has dedicated it’s efforts to support the Super Speciality Hospital, Kheda, Gujarat, India.

This charitable hospital is based in Sokhada, Kheda, Gujarat, India. The hospital is managed by a local a team of trustees, with the appropriate skill mix. This is a non-profit health-care facility in the developing world. In recent years, the project has grown from small outfit to the current hospital with expanding services and upgrading their facilities. The expansion programme has emphasised the introduction of new diagnostic services and the raising of the quality of care to international standards.

Established in 2004, the Shree Meladi Maa Super Speciality Hospital trust has developed the facility with the objective eventually of having 110-bed acute care, multi-speciality facility offering quality health care. The hospital is located on a 2.0 acres land, near to the national highway number 8-Matar Road at Sokhada, Kheda. Kheda is about 40 kms from the heart of Ahmedabad city and 47 kms from Ahmedabad airport. The hospital is easily accessible by a 15 minute walk from the Kheda bus stand.

The Shree Meladi Maa Super Speciality Hospital is equipped with a CT Scanner-system, CR system X-Ray, and Ultra Sound system, and state of the art facilities for laboratory testing including ELISA and Microbiology. Care has been taken to provide ample greenery within the hospital complex and the buildings have been constructed with wide corridors and lobbies, high ceilings and spacious rooms to provide cool and clean air to our patients. The hospital has several buildings including an outpatient fcaility, inpatient wards, isolation rooms and medical living quarters. 

The primary health-care programmes are designed to reach vulnerable groups, especially rural and remote communities, and lower middle-income urban families. Health promotion and disease prevention are at the core of all programmes. While reproductive health, immunisation and integrated management of childhood illnesses are the main priorities, adult health (TB, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers and mental health) is a sector of activity in many of the areas served.

Hospital Services

Diagnostics - Laboratory, Radiology
Medical - 24/7 medical service with on site resident medical officer
Nursing - minors and educational
Out patient clinics - Primary/Family Practice, General Medical and specialist services are available
Day Surgery - General and Regional Anesthesia
Community services - Educational and Ambulance services