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MDCF, India

MDCF, a UK based charity, has dedicated it's efforts to support the Charitable Hospital, Kheda, Gujarat, India.

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MDCF is a UK based charity that is supporting the work of a charitable hospital based in  India. The hospital is a NGO health-care facility managed by a local a team of trustees. MDCF has been challenged with the development and sustainability of this project. To date we have been successful, and continue to develop the project in a sensible and useful way for the local community.

Contact Us:; ++447980846772

Patron: Bhagwati Shree Meladi Maa (Kheda)

INDIA: Mr RC Patel

UK Trustees:

Chair: Professor Hiten RH Patel, PhD, FRCS (

Treasurer: Mr Mayank Patel, ACCA

Secretary: Mr Shailen Modi, ACCA

Medical Advisor: Dr Venita Patel, MRCP

Hospital Fundraiser

See our useful infographic below in aide of the hospital fundraiser in Ahmedabad. You can donate on the MDCF site or in India.


Women and Children Health Appeal

We continue to raise monies to develop this much needed service. MDCF is proud to say we have managed to develop several other important services without an appeal. Now we need to have your help (donate) . 

A child with his mother both getting help during our recent medical camp.

The out patient facility includes a state of the art laboratory and radiology centre which are fully operational. Opertative and emergency medicine services have come on line from november 2014 within this facility. We have also completed the Emergency care room. The hospital can be seen in more detail with our image gallery. Read more

Our Mission

This charitable hospital is a non-profit health-care facility in the developing world. In recent years, the project has grown to the current hospital with expanding services and upgrading of facilities. The expansion programme has emphasised the introduction of new diagnostic services and the raising of the quality of care to international standards. We strive to maintain a self-sufficient service offering support to the local community. We are fully aware of continuing our independent status so the local community is not reliant upon our service alone. This is a challenge as we plan for the future, but we have been successful to date Read more

How your donation helps

Examples of how your donations can help include:

£50 per month (standing order) provides medical relief for 10 patients blood investigation

£150 per month provides food for all in patients
£800 - food needed to supplement the diets of 100 poor patients/year.
£2,000 - village healthcare awareness raising day.

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